Increase sales with content automation

Grew AI is an easy-to-use tool that uses advanced AI to generate content that is automatically pretested with your 1st party data.

Save time and start focusing on tasks that matter.

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Improve your marketing results faster with the help of advanced AI

Grew AI generates content and simulates the behaviour of your audience. Find out the best email subject lines, ad texts and article headlines instantly.

Prediction models from your data

We tailor-make prediction algorithms for you, from your data.  

Unlimited A/B testing

Use your own Grew AI algorithms to automatically simulate how different content variations will perform with your audience. 

Automatic Subject Line generation

Grew AI uses advanced AI to generate alternative copy texts automatically, to save you time. These alternatives are pretested with your data.

Use Cases

Email element

Increase Email Subject Line Open Rate

Generate and select the best performing email subject lines before you send them. No more wasted subject lines!

Ad element

Increase Ad Copy Text Impressions and CTR%

Automatically select the best performing ad copies with the help of Grew AI. Currently supporting Facebook and Twitter ads.

Custom data

Need a custom solution?

If you have large amount of data from other sources, we might be able to help. Our algorithms are not channel or language spesific. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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